Saturday, April 16, 2016

On my way to town the other day, a small herd of elk ran in front of me on the county road!

Barn cleaning day

Mama and her babies

This little baby got to cold, so brought her in to warm her up.


These triplets were born right after the ones above.  This mama had very small babies.  One of them would not eat, or move.  He weighed less than a pound.  We rushed it into the house at 12 A.M. and used a hair dryer for several hours to warm him up and dry him off.  His first week was touch and go, but is a fighter, now 2 weeks old, doing very well and still smaller than any newborn that comes!

This is the little guy when he finally started acting like he was going to make it.  Our kids named him Bob.  Bob now thinks he is a human, or a cat or a dog, not sure what but definitely not a sheep!  (will need to do an updated picture- looks way better now!:))

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Since March is almost done- thought it just began, figured I better put some pictures up. :)
Enjoying the sun!

Our first set of triplets this year!

One ended up looking like a Holstein!

Guard dogs getting some attention as we check the ewes after feeding.


The older lambs feel this is the proper way to eat hay

Max is as tall as Alvin when he jumps up on the fence.  Of course you cant get a good picture with a dog who just wants to lick your face!!

Take 2 didn't go as planned either!

Sunday, February 28, 2016

2016 Shearing
Cousins to help stomp wool!

Waiting in line

Hooking up shearing motor

Alvin and Dale are our wool balers!

Rodney putting hooks in

Rodney and Alvin shearing, Dale supervising 

Hannah feeding a yearling ewe

Kids taking lessons

Chute for shearing

Molly had to try it out

Cat being a cat, Brodie is very patient

Alvin instructing Beth how to use the screw gun

Brooklyn's turn

Bowdrie's next

Here's the story:  Alvin was on craigslist...48 hours later these cute little lambs showed up!  :)
Hampshire and Targhee this time

Lambs think the feed bunk is for climbing and sleeping on.